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World of Warctaft Quick Raiding Tips

time 12/01/2016

World of Warcraft raiding is one of the biggest aspects of World of Warcraft. There are many approaches to raiding, from casual to the most bleeding edge hardcore raiding. But not matter in what bracket you play these quick tips for World of Warcraft raiding will help you become a better raider.

Raid Preparation Tips
Definitely the best tip you can get before starting a raid is: get well prepared! This means more things, and I’ll list there here under quick tips bullets:

- Read up on the raid and the bosses you are going to fight – This is essential for raiding, read up on at least quick tips for the bosses if you can’t read the whole guide.
- Be prepared with flasks, potions and food – Even if you think they are not making a huge difference, it is a difference when everyone has all of it (raid leaders would say that this is the best tip you can give to someone)
- Be there on time! Don’t be late for the raids, that just makes unnecessary delays, especially if you’re a key player.

Raiding Tips
So, now that you’ve read the quick tips for the raid preparation and you’ve come to the raid prepared, here are some tips on how to execute the raid perfectly and be on the top of the roster.

- Listen to the raid leader! Raid leaders usually have a well prepared strategy and they will deliver the roles for a specific boss encounter, so you should listen up to him and do what has been assigned to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for tips for the specific job if you’re handed one.
- Be aware of your surrounding – Don’t stand in fire, green poodles or falling meteors. Make sure you’re always aware of where your fellow raiders are and if you can harm them somehow by positioning where you are right now.
- Do not AFK! This is the best tip for the raiding ever.  To buy the best items or weapons, WOW gold can help you a lot, u7buy is the best store, please pay attention. 

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