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Tips for Playing FIFA 17 Well(I)

time 12/14/2016

FIFA 17 is the newest version for FIFA series game which developed by EA sports. No matter you have enjoy previous versions or you play FIFA 17 at the first time, you need some tips to play well in FIFA 17. I summarized several tips to improve your gameplay as following according to my own experience. 

1.Try different formation. Choose the most proper formation is important. You should challenge different formations rather than learn from some other players or youtuber. So i will never recommend a formation for anyone. Because you should find it by yourself. 
2.Stick with the formation you chose. After you find the formation suitable for you, you should stick to play with it. Change formations frequently is detrimental because of the higher divisions and daily knockouts. Each formation feels different and the more you change the formation, the more you lose when you encounter a decent player if you do not know the strength and weakness of a formation.
3.Stay away from the fitness team, instead you should choose a good bench. The fitness team is harmful, and ultimately confuses the user. The long pass that I worked with Squad A may not work with Squad B. Under stress, you may end up doing things that can not work with the players currently in use. Replacement is more influential, especially when you use the player a lot of times.
4.Choose a player based on trying them, other than consider their rating. My own experience, At present Cabella has become one of the most important players in my class. He immigrated to Ben Alpha. On paper, he should never have to have. He is weak, has average passing, firing and is rated below Arfa. In the game he is incredible. His performance as high CAM, never missing in the game. He fits my style better than Arfa and better with my striker. 

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